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A brief history of foldens hotel

Foldens Hotel was originally a farm which Gotfred Jensen had constructed in 1881. The farm consisted of a six-story long walled and tiled residential building.A few years later, a six-storey long building was also built, which was arranged for sheds and barns.

This outbuilding was expanded in 1899, where six new subjects were arranged - also furnished for stables and barns.

The architect Julius Berg drew in 1920 an extension intended for hotel operation, which was later taken over by Søren Folden.

The hotel remained in the Folden family until 1991, after which Gitte Nordmann took over the hotel, she initially started as a bartender in the Visværtshuset under Anne Folden. She started by leasing the Visværtshuset and later took over the hotel.

During the period that Gitte has had the hotel, it has been continuously renovated and in 2003, the Cafeteria was demolished and a second floor property with brand new rooms was subsequently erected, the hotel originally consisted of 25 rooms, but today the hotel consists of 38 cozy rooms and all with private bath and toilet.

​A funny story of why the Folden family started in the hotel business.

Originally the first Folden was a police chief in the municipality of Skagen and as a country man, you got along a lot and always talked to each other with a regular interval.​Skagen was to be visited by King Christian the 10th and Queen Alexandrine and they were going on a tour in Skagen. ​The task of the Chief of Police was to keep track of the assembly, traffic etc. when the Queen and the King came to visit.​It was not an easy task, as a great number of people had attended and at the same time the King and Queen was somewhat delayed, but finally the King came, after which the Chief of Police exclaimed, there is the King, but where the hell is the bitch. ​After this episode, the chief of police had to find another way of life.

Foldens Hotel & Cafe

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