Foldens Hotel & Cafe Located Right In The Centre Of Skagen

Foldens Hotel is Skagen's most centrally located hotel

Enjoy a walk through the beautiful city or the nearby beaches

and experience Skagen's sights within close distance of Foldens Hotel

Foldens Hotel is for everyone

Located in the heart of Skagen, Foldens Hotel boasts a rich heritage and an authentic local ambiance. This family-run establishment ensures guests feel welcomed and at ease, thanks to its exceptional cuisine, friendly staff, and familial vibe.

Everyone can find a place at Foldens Hotel. Whether it's couples seeking a getaway, families desiring their own apartment, or large groups wanting a great experience, the hotel caters to all. Moreover, it provides accommodations across various budgets in the jewel of Denmark's northernmost point.

Convenience is key at Foldens Hotel. The majority of must-see spots are just a short walk away.

For those looking to savor classic danish dishes, the hotel offers both a restaurant and a café, each providing a cozy atmosphere for relaxation. And for evening entertainment, Visværthuset, featuring live music and a selection of beers, is housed within the hotel's primary structure.

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